Monday, January 24, 2011

10 Travel Packing Tips For Carry-On Only Traveling

1. Find Out The Largest-Size Carry-On Luggage You're Aloud and Buy It
Although you want to significantly cut down on the amount of luggage you take, you should still take advantage of the maximum size carry on luggage you can take. Find out what the average carry on allowance is and buy an new bag to fit those dimensions. 

2. Wear Your Heaviest/Bulkiest Items
Ok, so it's an obvious point, but if you're taking some bulky items, such as a thick coat, or walking boots, wear them on the plane and free up as much valuable space in your carry on luggage as possible. 

3. Create A Packing List -- And Ruthlessly Edit It
This is something you can perfect over time. Basically, every time you go abroad create a packing list. Then, when you come home and unpack make a note of everything you didn't use. Then cross them off the list for next time! 

4. Plan To Buy Things At Your Destination
Remember, most destinations will have places you can buy the basics you need to get you by. Need a smarter shirt for an unplanned trip to a fancy restaurant, just buy one at a local store. You'll also be able to discard these items if you need to before you leave. 

5. Decant Toiletries Into Smaller Bottles
For your essential toiletries, do away with the bumper family size bottles and decant rations into smaller bottles. Not only will you save space, but also a lot of weight. And remember the point above -- if you run out you can always buy some more. 

6. Roll Your Clothes
It's an old trick but an effective one. Rolling your clothes makes them easier to pack down into the corners of your carry on, plus it can help you avoid the creases created by folding. 

7. Wear Clothing With Lots Of Pockets
Remember, you don't need to carry everything in your luggage. Wearing clothing with extra pockets, such as cargo pants, or those vests that professional photographers wear, you can carry many smaller items and leave space for the bigger stuff in your luggage. 

8. Buy Speciality Travel Clothing That Converts
Now you can buy items of clothing specifically designed for travelers. Usually travel clothing has features such as being light-weight, breathable and none-creasing and quick drying, but you can also find clothing that is convertible. Trousers that turn into shorts, or long sleeved items that become short sleeved. By making your clothing work twice as hard, you can save twice as much space. 

9. Buy Speciality Travel Products Designed To Be Compact
Aswell as clothing designed for traveling, you can find all manner of accessories that have been designed for traveling and to be compact. For example a travel towel can be a quarter of the size of a traditional towel. 

10. Ask Others Their Tips
If you see someone breezing through check in with just one bag, stop them and ask them how they do it. Most people love to show off how clever and travel-savvy they are, so they'll be happy to share their wisdom with you!

These handy tips have been taken from the full 225-page Packing Secrets -- The Ultimate Packing Guide For Travelers. This guide was created by interviewing 100s of travelers, from business travelers to family vacationers. You can discover more using this link:

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